"This music - intricate yet melodic as Bach,
austere as a Zen shrine, sensory as a massage
- seems like aural eroticism to me."

- Robert Anton Wilson

"Contemporary Raga"

- Patrick Bernard

"Innerspace Music"

- Peter Ziegelmeier (Kode IV)

"You Rock!"

- Shannon Burke, The Village Oracle

""I just fell into the most relaxing calm, allowing
myself to imagine exotic birds flitting through Bastian's soundboard, to explore different altitudes with
Rasa's beautiful sitar, to feel safe and balanced with
Marlis' rhythms. I loved every minute of the music."

- note after a concert from
Kim Presley, Director of Liberty Arts Gallery

"Delicate yet powerful sonic tapestry"
- Todd Friedlander, abstract artist

"Nothing is unbalanced. Bastian coaxes from his synthesizers breathtaking shivers, and captures sublime moods of awe and reverence beautifully. Ma's tanboura, the most subtle of the instruments, is so uniquely her that it is uncanny. A breeze, a playful muse, and a pulse (though more like the waves of the wind, or the breath, or the tides, than any kind of drum) at once, it sends continuous waves of ecstasy through the music. Rasa has a way of making his sympathetic strings literally sing that is unlike that of any sitarist I'm familiar with. Part of this is his insistence on utterly meticulous tuning, and part of it is his willingness to give the instrument its chance to speak, rather than simply imposing his thoughts on it. It is astounding how long his sympathetics will continue to ring out for; how rich the overtones he finds simply by letting the instrument speak. In his hands, this preternaturally responsive instrument will bring you into spaces you had no idea existed."
- from Brian Em's review of Entering the Ambient Temple

Starseed performing at Tara's Refuge, Mt Shasta, California

© Starseed Music